Seared Himalayan Peppercorn Salmon w/ Wheatberries, Cocktail Carrots, & Scale Chips

Seared Himalayan Peppercorn Salmon w/ Wheatberries, Cocktail Carrots, & Scale Chips

The Himalayan salt block (super-cool Christmas gift from my friend, Jeremiah) received its first mission,  seared salmon, rare.

Himalayan Salt Block
Himalayan Salt Block heating-up. Heat gradually to prevent cracking & preserve quality
Prepped Raw Salmon
Prepped raw salmon filet pressed with peppercorns and rubbed with ground black pepper and paprika

The wheat berries soaked during the day in a mix of water and a splash of vinegar culture from my oat fermation (more on that another day) to extract toxins and shorten cook time.  Prior to cooking, half the soaking liquid was replaced within enough water to give a 1 : 2.5 ratio of grain to liquid.  The grains were then covered, brought to boil, and reduced to a steady simmer for 45 -60 min–until all water absorbed.  The finished wheat berries rested, covered, until ready to eat.

While the slab heated-up, I pressed a few peppercorns into the salmon and rubbed-in some ground black pepper and paprika.  Once the salt block reached temperature, the salmon searing 2 min on each side (scale-side first), until rare.

Quick Tip – Adjusting Saltiness
Saltiness is inversely proportionate to time, heat, and fat content

Salmon, rare
Salmon prepared rare. Yumm-i-licious!

In the midst of cooking the salmon, an appetizer of baby shrimp and St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce found a spot on the counter.  First time trying the St Elmo’s rendition.  The horseradish really hit the spot; however, a residual bitterness popped-in which I suspect is the price of bottled-convenience.  Julienned carrots found their way to the excess sauce which further excited the final presentation!

Cute little baby shrimp.  So tasty!
Appetizer: Baby Shrimp Cocktail.

Lacking a practical turner, I always turn to the next best thing:  Das Meat Cleaver!

Das Cleaver!

Although the fish scales striped from the meat during first-flip, continuing to cook them alongside the salmon resulted in the beautiful crisps seen garnishing the edges of the dish.

Alas, a squeeze of fresh lemon brought all aspects of the meal into harmony.
Enjoy a phenomenal weekend!

Final Presentation: Fish Scale Chips, Cocktail Carrots, Wheat Berries, & Salmon

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