Strawberry Chutney


In preparing to cut-up the leftover half of a watermelon, the quart-sized Ziploc of formerly frozen strawberries Mom had given me revealed itself.  Never one to waste food, these babies quickly found themselves boiling with a few splashes of White Wine & Apple Cider vinegars.

After allowing 10min of simmering, I added ground ginger and enough crushed/sliced watermelon to be shy* of the desired sweetness.
*The sweetness will increase the longer the chutney simmers.

At this point, the fruit relish simmered until, once more, the chutney reached just short of the desired consistency.* I cut the heat at this point.
*As the chutney cools, it thickens.

Ready to Serve!  Conduct any canning whilst hot.

Fast canning:
Preheating the Jar prevents cracking and better-seal the Chutney. Fetch enough water to fill the jar(s) half-way.  Bring to around coffee/tea brewing temp (~180℉/82℃)
Fill jars a quarter the way, and swish until the heat begins traveling up the sides.  Add remaining water, swishing until the jars feel evenly warmed.  Dump water.

Splash and swirl some vinegar around each jar and lid to sterilize.  Dump vinegar; don’t fret about residual amounts.

Fill jars with hot chutney until the lid barely fits –about 1/16″ (1.5mm). If using canning jars, secure with rims.

As the chutney cools , the pop-top lids will suction down and create a vacuum-tight seal.

Enjoy the fruits of you labor!


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