Citrus Ginger-Beers

Lime Ginger-Beer

These effervescent refreshers rose-out of the quest to concoct the most gingery punch-in-the-face devisable in liquid form.

Batch #1:  Lemon-Ginger
After first opening up a flat first batch, (the lemon-brew), a longer fermentation quickly found itself topping the essentials definitely proved.  Flat batches make great lemon shake-ups!

Batch #2:  Lime-Ginger
Popped and fizzed just like champagne!  Perfect body and nose; a little sweet and not enough ginger for my tastes.  Think:  super bubbly ginger ale with lime.

Since a bag of grapefruit now resides in the fridge, the fruit’s essence* will permeate the next round.
*An achievable byproduct of candying grapefruit peels while reducing simple syrup.

To get the basics down, these renditions referenced the America’s Test Kitchen recipe and video.


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