Kirschstrudel II


Kirschstrudel, Round 2:  in the bag!

The 1$ Pastry/ flour sack towel investment:  a godsend.  Rolling Viennese pastry is now a synch!


Efforts to mitigate bursting by slicing the top failed.    Round 3, expect larger slit(s) in the central region. Ensuring the pre-bake butter wash reaches the underside may provide additional insurance by fortifying the dough the a micro-shell of fatty bonds.

Minced carrot, celery, & horseradish plus a dollop of creamy curry dip occupied the  leftover dough, baking alongside the cherry strudel.  Made for a savory breakfast paired with sunny egg & English muffin cooked in the remaining butter melted butter.  A little Earl Grey brought everything full circle.


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