Sautéed Swinging Beef

Went balls to to the walls tonight with shockingly mellow male-order ingredients. Delicately seasoned bull frites stir fried in butter with caramelized cipollini onions and garlic, finished with basil pesto.


Sliced both testicles into thirds and then each into half, yielding 6 pieces. Then patted-in a light dash of Slap Ya’ Mama Cajun seasoning and Himalayan salt.


Following the carmelization of the veggies, I threw-in the balls, cooking them until the the edges barely began to turn.

Après flipping, the family jewels cooked ~2 more minutes.  The flame was then doused and a plop of savory pesto stirred into the pan.


Plated half for dinner, garnishing w/ a sprig’s-worth of fennel.


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